This last March was my FIRST TIME EVER getting my hair dyed and my girl, JULIANNE rocked it. I was looking for a place that was trustworthy, would do a great job, and was somewhere where I felt comfortable. I found Union Salon South on Yelp and thought I'd give it a try. The salon gave me an appointment with Julianne and I honestly didn't know how everything was going to turn out but the results and the experience were so good that I can't see myself going anywhere else to get my hair done. 

So, at the beginning, I was pretty nervous 'cause it was a new place, new experience (eh hem...first time getting hair dyed) and I didn't know whether these people were going to fry my hair or make me look crazy or what. BUT Julianne was seriously incredible. I came with pictures of the balayage I wanted, something that was not too crazy for the first time, but wanted something noticeably different. I didn't even know how to explain what I wanted but she knew exactly what it was and the results were perfect. She made me feel so comfortable and at ease and it seemed like her level of knowledge and expertise were right up to par too. I just could sit down and trust her and get an awesome result. And I think that that's ultimately what you want. She was so nice to be around too/easy to talk to which I feel like, when you're spending hours with somebody, is important. People are so nice at the salon in general and they even give you something to drink. The service and the attention is great too. There was nothing in my entire time there that I felt was negative. 

To say that I was happy with the results is an understatement. As soon as my hair was done, I sent a picture to my friends who had been asking all morning about how my first hair dye experience was going, and they all loved it. Not only were they being supportive, good friends, but they literally asked me who the girl who did my hair was and wanted to book appointments with her. Several of them thought I took the picture off of Pinterest and was just joking with them. But nope. That's Julianne. And that's how good she is :) Pinterest, beautiful hair for the win! I absolutely recommend her when you go to Union salon!!! Thanks Julianne!


Sooooo this review is LONG overdue!!! I'm terrible at remembering to write reviews for new places I've visited, but I really really really want to tell everyone how amazing my experience was! :) So let's get started: I found Julianneon Instagram and immediately after looking through posts of her work, I was hooked! I remember thinking, "this girl totally gets it!" So I called the salon and booked a consultation with her. We agreed that a subtle balayage would be great, so I booked an appointment and felt confident that she was on the same page as me :) Now, I am the girl who gets paranoid when she gets something done to her hair, so believe me when I say that Juliannemade me feel 100% confident that my hair was in good hands!
The day of the appointment, the wonderful staff greeted me and asked me if I would like a cold beverage. Juliannethen greeted me, she got started with my hair, we chatted, etc. Julianne and I discovered that we share quite an unhealthy obsession with Teen Mom, LOL.
After a while, my hair was rinsed and washed by her awesome assistant!!! I'm terrible with names but I want to say her name is Toni. (If you're reading this, I'm SO sorry if it's not Toni!!) But they seriously, both make such a GREAT team. They're both so wonderful. 
My hair came out a liiiiiiiittle too light for me (I'm such a big baby when it comes to change!), but Julianne assured me that I could go back in a few days to tone my hair down a notch. So I did exactly that and it turned out subtle and PERFECT. Now that it's been a little over a month, the sun has naturally lightened it, and it is the perfect shade for me.
The entire experience was amazing, and I never really felt like I was even at a salon. Julianne and Toni were sooo attentive, fun, and cool, that I honestly felt like I was just chillin' with my gal pals. :D
Thanks, and I'll definitely be back soon for a touch up!!!


After a year of not doing anything to my hair, I decided I needed a change, but my current hairstylist was on maternity leave and I wanted something done soon. So after much searching, I found this gem! I was looking through the stylists and I came across Julianne's work and reviews and decided to go for it. I texted her and received a response within that day. She was very accommodating and willing to work with my schedule. Before the day of your appointment, someone from the front desk calls to remind you of your appointment, which is very handy for people with busy schedules.

When I arrived, I was in awe of this place! It was modern looking and very put together. I was greeted by the person at the front desk, which she then proceeded to offer me a drink while waiting. It was awesome. Julianne was out within a few moments.

She is amazing! I showed her some pictures of what I was looking for and she would give me honest opinions of what would work with the maintenance I preferred. What I loved the most about Julianne was that she was always checking up on me when my hair was being dyed or heated. And I like that she was upfront about what to expect when washing my hair and the outcome of it in a couple of weeks. She is super sweet and knowledgable about what she's doing, I would definitely come back to see her :)


Julianne is my hair hero. 

She is extremely knowledgable, talented, and to top it off super sweet. I cannot tell you how impressed I am by her work and how amazing it felt to see my hair for the first time after the "big reveal".  She literally painted my balayage on! I don't know a thing about the art of hairdressing however just from watching her technique, I KNEW that I was in the best of hands.  Ladies I'm telling you, if you're needing a hairdresser who knows their stuff, Julianne is our girl.
5 stars to not only Julianne but a big thank you to Stephanie the salon manager for her customer service.  Collectively, the two of you have treated me so wonderfully and I truly felt taken care of. I am looking forward to my next appointment.


I have been going to Julianne at Union Salon South for a couple years now and she is fantastic!
I switch hairstyles and colors a lot, so I can be a handful for a stylist because I'm super picky (I want to go light but not too yellow or warm type of picky) and she really, really, gets it. Now, I'll send her a picture a couple days before my appointment and we'll work out what is achievable based on that pic and my current hair style. She also really cares about the health of your hair, so for someone like me who over processes their hair (I'm a bottle blonde) she'll take care in processing to get you to where you want to be, to reduce damage. She is also not afraid to take risks with hairstyles or colors, which is really cool!! 
Julianne  is the total package hairstylist and I couldn't recommend her more!


Book with Julianne! She is amazing. She's been doing my color and cuts for a little over two years now. Previously I had only done highlights but as I was prepping for my wedding she recommended balayage. Game changer- looks much more natural, soft and easier to maintain. I highly recommend her for anyone looking for a new stylist. Even my husband goes to see her now.


I moved up to the Bay Area for grad school, but whenever I come back to LA to visit my family, I try to see Julianne. I haven't had a problem getting scheduled with her. 

I used to be terrified of getting my hair cut, and never got it colored.. Until i found Julianne. Now I don't trust anyone else with my hair. 

She listens to what you want, and takes her time. She's so great at what she does! 
The first time I saw her, she did such a great job with my first ombre. Even a year after I had it done, I'd still get compliments.  And I've never been disappointed with her cuts! 

Although a cut and color can get a bit pricey, you definitely get what you pay for! Because of her, I've been more willing to cut and color my hair. If I wasn't on my grad student budget, I'd definitely be seeing her more often!


I was interested in a color boost, and decided to go with Julianne based on past reviews and photos.  Very content. Con10/10. After showing her photos of what I was interested in and what I was NOT interested in, she gave her advice and options on what would work best with my currently colored hair.  I was looking for an ombre/balayage on my caramelled-out dyed Asian hair.  Juliannesuggested I only darken the top of my hair to create the gradual look.  I listened and was very thankful that it turned out exactly how I imagined after washing my hair with a few washes.  She ended with it with a flawless--flaw.Less. blowout.  I have extremely thick rope-like Asian hair, and my curls stayed curled for 40 hours--even after tying it in a bun the day after.  

Salon itself is clean, neat, and modern. The entrance was a bit confusing as I walked past the fake entrance, real entrance, and front fake entrance, until finally going back to the real entrance due to process of elimination.  Other than that, I really do like the interior and was immediately greeted by the receptionist.  Basically, try out Union Salon South.


This review is for Julianne. I was tired of having warm color hair so I decided to make some changes. After so many days of research, I found Union Salon and Julianne's IG and decided to let her do the magic. I was super nervous when it comes to my hair so I was super anxious before coming into the salon. The salon itself was super modern and chic. The front desk asked me what drinks I would like to have as soon as I came in. Juliannethen came out and greeted me nicely. She is super sweet and talented. She also gave you a nice consultation before starting the process, Since my hair was damaged with so many kinds of color, she told me that I will need two process to achieve the color I want. Since I was pretty nervous, she was chatting with me here and there during the process to make sure I feel great. Make sure to bring your laptop because color process might take several hours. She did the cut and color for me and I am super satisfied with my color/cut after the second process! Julianne is definitely the to go person if you are looking for hair coloring. She is also really flexible in schedule so you could text her and tell her about your preference. Thumbs up for Julianne, love your work! It might be a bit expensive compared with those salons in 626 but definitely worth it.There is parking structure in the back of the salon so don't waste money on meters.


JulianneJulianneJulianne. To put it in the simplest of words, she is amazing. She works miracles with her hands. I've experienced her magic twice so far and I'm definitely going to continue experiencing it. I'm one of those people who hates having people touch my hair, so the word haircut makes me want to crawl in a hole and hide. You could say I've been traumatized a few too many times. So after doing a bunch of research I'm like okay I'm going to give Julianne a shot. Made an appointment, was super nervous driving to my appointment, got a cut and color, and boom magic! Julianne is very attentive, she's a great listener, and isn't scared to give you feedback on whether the style you want will compliment your features. Both of my sessions were about 3-4 hours each and I never got tired of talking to her. She's kind, funny, and has a whole bunch of interesting stories. This place is a little on the pricier side, but I realized the hair department is not a place where you can take shortcuts if you want great results. So overall, Julianne is amazing, she's a hair whisperer, and I definitely will be coming back to change my color for fall.


Julianne you are amazing. So so many people have complimented my haircut but more importantly I feel like a huge weight has lifted and I am more truly myself. You said that I was hiding behind my hair and I guess you were right. It was a really emotional cut for me for various reasons (not a breakup cut lol) and you made it very comfortable and easy. Thanks for being so patient with me and thorough with your explanation about how to take care of my hair afterwards (blow drying, shampoo, etc.)  A lot of other stylists I have had make it seem like they are doing me a favor when they listen to me vacillate through my indecision about the look I want. But you really took your time to make me feel calm and confident about my decision. Thank you for making this difficult transitional time in my life that much easier and more beautiful. Keep doing what you're doing and as you grow more skilled and accomplished please don't lose that patient sweetness of yours. See you soon.

Tltr: if you can afford this cut (including tip it's almost $100-- yup, rice and beans for me for the next month), make an appointment online with Julianne and you will be in good hands. She gives free bang trims as well.


Stars for Julianne!

I came to Jules from a different salon and i couldn't be happier with the decision. I trust her with all my crazy hair decisions and indecisions. This last round i got my bleached out blonde asian hair toned and tinted to a breathtaking silver/grey/blue. She brought down my roots so that the whole look was complete with a subtle ombre effect. She then cut and thinned out my hair so that it now falls in the right long bob (lob) cut that i've been dying for. Thank goodness! The whole process took a good amount of time but Jules was so professional, patient, and helpful. She is my hair spirit sister.

I recommend Jules for any of your either punky hair color or natural hair color switches. She's so good!

Last, thanks to Union for allowing me to come in on such short notice!


Like so many women my hair is my thing. Over the years my hair has evolved from thick wavy, somewhat curly to some sort of non-integral wirey half grey mess that takes forever to blow out. Many years back they came out with the Brazilian Blowout and it transformed my experience to my hair. It leaves my hair super smooth and dries in half the time. Trouble is that it usually takes 2-3 hours to do at any salon I have ever gone to. 
That being said I have had touch and go experiences getting them done due to time constraints of a busy life. 

I made an appointment with Julianne Favela to get a Brazilian Blowout back in August 2014. Having never been to Union South I walked in there and was blown away. The place was just humming with hair stylists. I'm an energy person and can tap into some crazy energy very quickly but not here. I sat down and waited for Julienne (I'm always early hoping I can start early. Lol) the receptionist offered me a beverage which I totally took up. Watching the patrons and stylists I noticed that everyone was really happy! I like that! All the stations were busy and by no means did it seem crowded or overly noisy which I liked. 

Now let's get to Julianne, my stylist. Always a smiling, mellow and happy lady. You can tell she LOVES what she does. I've know her for many years and I could tell the second she sat me down that something was special about this salon and her being in it. She got down to business. Talking about the salon, I found out how rad the owner is and how he encourages his hairdressers to thrive. And before I knew it I was done.  It was like she broke the Olympic record for fastest Brazilian Blowout! lol. I was shocked and amazed at how awesome my hair looked and felt. My hair didn't feel totally thick with product but light, soft and smooth. I was super happy and ready for Vegas!

I started following Julianne's Instagram at @jfhairdresser and saw her artistry with color, cutting and styling. She's a magician with color and pro at long hair in my opinion. I don't say that lightly being a former hair model either. See for yourself on her IG. Months later I came back for my second Brazilian with her and not only was it just as fast I got to see how really rad the salon owner really is. So happy with my experience with Union Salon South and I'm blown away at Jules' skill level and professionalism on all things hair. Some stylist will ruin your hair by over processing to give you the color you want to have but after color consulting with Jules she did not push a very elaborate color transformation of a medium burgundy I liked. She was super honest with me letting me know that it would compromise the integrity of my hair rather than being motivated by greed at it being a big money making job for her. I totally appreciate that and I'm totally coming back over and over.


This review is for Julianne. I recently stopped going to my hair stylist of 15+ years, and I was terrified to venture out. I went on Yelp; found Union Salon South; Booked my first appointment; Was randomly assigned to Julianne. I truly could not be happier. Her work is EXCELLENT. If I could give her a hundred starts on here, I would. She gave me the best layered cut I have ever had in my entire life, and she colored my hair the exact shade I wanted. I went to Julianne right before my wedding, and she got my hair the absolute perfect shade. I used to dread going to the hair salon, but I never dread coming to see Julianne.

Also, she is the absolute sweetest. Her personality is awesome, and I feel totally comfortable with her. Some hair stylists can be far too chatty, but not Julianne. She strikes a delicate balance. 

I can not recommend Julianne highly enough. Book her and I promise you will not be disappointed.